• Taking care of those left in an unhealthy street environment and helping them grow physically and emotionally.
  • Filling the void of the absence of love and affection in their lives.
  • Developing proper grooming and hygiene through education and regular health check-ups.
  • Providing non-formal education and preparing them for formal schooling.
  • Providing nutritious food every day.
  • Creating opportunities for dignified earning by making crafts, woolens, embroidered materials and soft toys.
  • Providing full knowledge of civic sense and social norms.
  • Working to ensure retention and avoid dropouts.
  • Teaching dancing, singing, tailoring, knitting and computer science as vocational options.


    Mothers are drawn twice a month for awareness training on health, hygiene, social norms and childcare. They attend Monimala Nutrition Centre every week to improve their own health and are motivated to become literate. They are being awarded prizes for their children's cleanliness, good conduct and regular attendance at Monimala school.

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