Our Mission

    To assist the underprivileged families living in slums by providing their children opportunities in life necessary for their physical, mental and social well being. Side by side, working to make the mothers aware of the needs of their children and developing themselves to become responsible citizens to live with basic human dignity. Creating awareness among their children of the social skills needed to acquire independence and the ability to participate in the changing society.

We Believe

    That each child, in whatever conditions he or she is born, is a unique and valuable individual.That the underprivileged children have a right to personal freedom to pursue aspirations and take their own place in the world. That the mothers can become literate and conscious of social norms and acquire the right to become worthy citizens and teach their children to do the same. That there should be equal opportunities for livelihood,social, economic and political participation with basic human rights.

Our Aim

    Offering uncared for children and women: Unquestionable recognition of their full rights Standards of excellence in all aspects of care and development. The support of a forward looking and responsible organization aware of their needs and helping them to reach their rightful destinations.

Monimala Monimala
Learning Beyond the Class Room Concentration Deepens after health
and Hunger are looked after