Creation of awareness among the underprivileged families to the right to education, health, social equality and living with dignity.

    Child labour and early marriage of girls have been totally stopped in the locality.

    Mothers who toil the whole day for a living are being looked after and the required nutrition is being provided. There is a marked improvement in their health.

    Adequate medical aid, even open heart surgery has been provided to children who needed such.

    Thalassemia affected children are being provided with regular blood transfusions and spleenaectomy where indicated.

    Children undergoing vocational training are producing woolens and embroidered materials which are being sold in the market opening avenues for dignified earnings.

    Senior girls are helping at the Monimala Nutrition Clinic to aid the doctor in dispensing nutritious drugs and keeping records which enables them to earn remunerations.

Latest Achievements

Montessori Education

    Montessori method of teaching has been introduced successfully for the tiny tots with gradual emphasis in English medium education as they go higher up.

Hope House

    Hope House is a hostel for older slum girls. Here they are provided proper food, time to study and rest as well as receiving discipline and social guidance beyond the classroom and wean from the slum culture.

Extension Programme

    Monimala has established an extension programme in Talpukur, a colony of slums bordering Serampore, where children are deprived of education and health care. Parents have no vision for their children and no means to provide basic health and education. Dr.Bani and Robin have connected local groups and opened another branch of Monimala with 30 slum children with opportunity for all round development.